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Reasons your lash extensions may be prematurely falling out 

  • Using oil based products on or around your eyes. This incudes makeup, makeup remover, cleansers, moisturizers, or any skin care products.


  • Accidently slept on one or both of your eyes.



  • Rubbed your eyes or picked at your lashes.


  • Had exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures.



  • Natural lash shedding. Your natural lashes can shed 2-5 lashes per day. Everyone has a different lash cycle and it’s not something that can be determined prior to your appointment.


  • Came to appointment with makeup on or your lashes weren’t clean. At the beginning of your appointment we do our best to clean your lashes but mascaras and other eye makeups can leave a residue on your lashes which can cause the extension and glue to not adhere to your natural lash, causing them to fall out quicker.

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